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The people of Rhode Island / Not just Greens, but all Rhode Islanders—know that our state's economy is not what it should be. Unemployment is high, and inequality is growing. But Greens also know that typical proposals from both Democrats and Republicans to fix the economy are not going to work. Fancy “special” projects, like moving PawSox stadium at taxpayer's expense, promise little long-term improvement but are certain to create low-wage jobs, higher residential taxes, and state subsidies. In fact, the old-fashioned approach based on tax breaks for the rich, environmental and financial deregulation, and austerity in public services, are exactly the opposite of what the economy needs. For more about sustainable prosperity, visit the Prosperity for RI blogsite.

Limits to growth / The cruelest fantasy of all is the illusion that our economy can keep growing at 3 or 4% a year forever. Here in Rhode Island, conventional economic planning assumes perpetual growth is possible. The reality is that in older industrial regions, like Rhode Island, future real growth rates are likely hover around 1%—in a good year. In addition, the pursuit of constant growth destroys the ecosystems and climate stability that we all need, in order to thrive.

Only the Greens / Instead, our goal must be to design prosperous communities for a zero growth environment. Only the Greens are facing this reality and developing appropriate-scale, renewable, and sustainable economic policies. What do you think should be the Greens' economic priorities? Write to us with your opinions: Yes, I support a Green economic agenda!

Here's a start / A realistic plan to revive the economy of Rhode Island would increase the incomes of average Rhode Islanders, while accelerating our transition to a carbon-free economy. Our plan begins with higher taxes on the wealthiest taxpayers, and energy-transition surcharges (carbon taxes) on conventional carbon fuels. We should adopt an efficient, effective single payer health care system (Medicare for all); place solar panels and wind turbines in every appropriate place; revitalize public transit; and dramatically increase the amount of food produced in Rhode Island, and especially in our cities, from 1% of the food supply to more than 20%, over the next 20 years. All of these policies are possible, if only Rhode Island will abandon the trickle-down economic model that has failed spectacularly, not just here but around the world.

Grassroots Resistance is Never Futile / None of this will be easy, but if we do not start, if we do not begin the transition away from fossil-fuel, trickle down, austerity economics, our odds of avoiding even greater environmental and economic misery, will grow smaller and smaller. Now is the time to make a choice, and start building a better, fairer, more sustainable Rhode Island economy. At the same time, we need to be smart about the future, and remember : There is Only One Earth.

YOU CAN HELP! In a state where money dominates politics, the Greens are the only political party which accepts no money at all from corporate donors. That means we can honestly advocate for the people—and for the Earth. We rely entirely on support from people like you. Click this link to make a donation today!